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Self Guided Kayak Tour

Quick Details

1 Hour per paddler
2 Hours per paddler
4 Hours per paddler
Cost for Jester Single Fiberglass Kayaks
1 Hour
2 Hours
4 Hours

Chart your Own Paddle Adventure with Kayak Noosa’s Self-Guided Kayak Tour on the Stunning Noosa River in Australia!

Picture yourself gliding through the calm waters of the Noosa River, the gentle breeze brushing against your skin, and the rhythmic sound of your paddle creating a soothing symphony. With Kayak Noosa’s Self-Guided Tour, this serene and invigorating experience is yours to savor at your own pace.

A Personalized Adventure

Our Self-Guided Tour is designed for those who relish the freedom to explore independently. Whether you’re a solo adventurer seeking introspection or a group of friends aiming to create your own stories, this tour allows you to navigate the stunning Noosa River on your terms. Enjoy a Self Guided Tour of the beautiful Noosa River

All equipment provided with a map of the Noosa River and suggested tours.